Pizzeria Vetri

Pizzeria Vetri

Pizza and drinks. Family and friends.
We find joy in bringing the best things together.

Mozzarella pizza

Slow fermentation and the freshest flour to make the perfect pizza crust.

Eggplant pizza
Brick oven pizza

Our philosophy is the best quality ingredients with simple preparations.

July 13 - July 27

PV x honeygrow

Two Philly-based brands are teaming up for a limited time to offer a fresh summer pie - the Walnut St. Pizza. Inspired by honeygrow's Walnut Street Noodle Salad, this pizza is stretched with Pizzeria Vetri's dough, then topped with shaved broccoli, roasted portobello mushrooms, mozzarella before cooking to charred perfection in a 650 degree oven. Once crisp, the pizza is topped with arugula tossed in hg's rosé vinaigrette, drizzled in walnut thyme pesto, and then topped with parmesan crisps. Get it while it's hot. 🔥


PV x honeygrow - Pizza Truck Pop-Up

Join us in celebrating summer with a Pizzeria Vetri Pizza Truck Pop-Up at the honeygrow Test Kitchen. We’ve carefully crafted an incredible pizza inspired by two Philly-based brands who focus on fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients while truly connecting with their communities. The first 100 guests to order the Walnut St. pizza will receive a free La Colombe draft latte and honeygrow swag.


Pizza Making Kits

Missed our live pizza classes? See all the instructions here and learn to master the art of authentic pizza making!